Modernisation of educational management


Modernisation of educational management aiming to bring the institutions of higher education as competitive as possible vis-à-vis their regional counterparts and to rise up competitiveness of the complete state educational system. By interacting closely with university administration at all levels, we identify existing gaps that hamper efficiency and find benchmarking solutions. Our guidance is based on the proven global practices in the field taking into account local traditions and vision. 

The scope of our services include advice on the following:

— Educational planning and efficient operationalization of procedures with less of red tape.

— Diversification of financial resources (development of non-governmental resources such as Trust/Foundation/Endowment, private sector donations, alumni networks, business incubators, university consulting services, international grants and tenders, etc.).

— Implementation of innovative teaching methods of teaching and ICT in teaching practices, set up of new local and international partnerships between business and university / science and society, quality management principles, standards and procedures etc.